About Me

Hi my name is Jason Staben, I live in Australia. I have a Bachelor of Business Studies in Management and HRM. For my day job, I work at a local winery.  I also build websites for people and enjoy cartooning (and you will see more of that on this site soon). But, my real love is creating and ‘nutting out’ simulation games based on sports I love.  I have been creating and playing dice sports games on and off for more than 20 years.  I have created this site to begin to share my games with you.  Some games will be free and others will have a small ‘price’ attached.

BoxScoreDiceSports.com was started out of a passion to create games based on sports statistics. Sure there are already so many different games already available to purchase and play, however, BoxScoreDiceSports.com offers something a little bit different.

Many of my games are:

  • Quick to learn
  • Fast to play
  • Compariable to real life statistics


In 1992, I first created a simple cricket dice game based on using 6 sided dice and a bit of imagination. Before long I had played 100’s of games and collated player stats. From cricket I then developed an Australian Rules Football game, again using 6 sided dice and formed a league playing multiple seasons. From here I then explored other sports such as Baseball and American Football. Over the years I have slowly developed these games and refined the rules to both streamline them and make them more statistically accurate while striving to retain ease of play.

My aim is to make them truly enjoyable for anyone who plays these games and hope you enjoy them too.


Jason Staben

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