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7-A-Side Football

This is an ‘arcade style’ Football game. Download, print and enjoy.

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Key Game Concepts

  • The game plays 7-a-side on a 60 yard field.
  • Quarters are 14 plays long (10 minute game clock) each play represents 45 seconds of the game clock.
  • Each team has identical strength, so the outcome is determined by the choices you make and the chance of the dice.

The free download package includes:

  • A Game sheet to print off
  • Game Charts
  • Team Roster Page (record stats)
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Running Plays
  • Passing Plays
    • QB Kneel


  • Sack
  • Intercept
  • Forced Fumbles
  • Tackle for Loss

Special Teams

  • Kick Offs and Returns
  • Punts and Returns
  • Field Goals and Extra Points
  • Block Kicks and Punts

For smooth game play you need three dice (one a different color from the rest).

Random Name Generator

Here is a simple Random Name Generator created in Excel.

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I used names from the U.S. Census Bureau 1990 Census Male First Names: 1,219 Female First names: 4,275 Surnames: 88,000!
The workbook simply randomly matches these first and last names together to create 100 names at a time.
Zip file contains two Excel Workbooks (macro enabled)  Male Names Female Names It should generate an unlimited supply of names for any use. I am happy to take any advice on how I can improve it 🙂
Random Name Generator
Random Name Generator
Excel Game: Quick Baseball Season

Here is a very simple Quick Baseball Season simulator I built in Excel.

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Here is a very simple Quick Baseball Season simulator I built in Excel.

  • It is built around a very simple baseball gaming engine.
  • It plays 9 games at a time with a total of 81 regular season games each.
  • It keeps basic stats for hitting and pitching
  • Can your custom team win the Coffee Championship Series?
  • Let’s find out!

Version 0.01

Play an 81 game season in minutes

  • Choose lineups
  • Choose pitcher rotation
  • Change names and skills
  • Play!

NOTE: Be sure to enable Macros

Please let me know if you have any trouble or find any bugs.

Excel Baseball Game
Excel Baseball Game
Excel American Football Game

Free to Download

More Details

v0.02 is out:

What’s new:

  • Ability to change team names (read instructions carefully for this one)
  • Ability to change league name
  • Ability to change player names and skills on the Depth Chart page

Please let me know ASAP if you find any bugs so I can fix them!

Each team has 7 players a side on a 60 yard field.

Most things are automated, however there are a few things you can do:

  • You choose the Depth Chart order,
  • You choose the Pass/Run ratio
  • You choose the defensive formation.
  • You have control over all 8 teams

The game has 8 fictional teams in two divisions.  The top two teams play off in the ‘Coffee Bean Bowl’

Let me know if you find any bugs ?


  • You may need to allow iterative calculations (allows circular formulas)
  • Allow Macros

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  1. I’ve played 10 games with Inning Baseball 2 and I love it. It is pretty amazing how complete a set of stats you can get in around 10-12 minutes per game playing time. Just bought Drive Football and am looking forward to playing that this fall. One question: in the instructions for Drive Football it says you are developing an Excel helper to auto-populate the gamebook. Is that still in the works?

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