Inning Baseball 2

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Inning Baseball is a unique dice baseball game. It offers fast play and realistic results.

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NEW: 2017 MLB Teams and Player Ratings included in the Download area.

Features of Inning Baseball 2

  • Each pitcher and hitter is given a rating out of 10
  • Player rating converter (Excel Document) with unlimited teams and players (You can now convert all the teams and players of one season at once).
  • Quickly copy players or even a whole roster into the spreadsheet and it work out their ratings.
  • Print off Game sheets with the players and skills inserted already.
  • Player performances are determined by player match-ups (Pitcher skill v Hitter Skill)
  • As well as the standard game play (same as Inning Baseball 1) Inning Baseball 2 also as a lighting quick version for quick results
  • Play inside an excel sheet with an instant inning result generator
  • Create and print off unlimited results playing cards

You Need…

  • 2 x 6d Dice
  • Pen and Paper

Or use the random results Generator to produce inning results fast.

The Rules

Very simply each inning consists of three basic rolls of two 6d dice…that’s it. when the game is finished you have a box score that will closely resemble a real boxscore for baseball.

  1. Pitcher rolls first
  2. Hitter rolls next
  3. Then roll to score

The game is delivered as a digital download which includes the following inside a zipped package:

  • Instructions
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Skill Finder Guide
  • PDF game sheet (for Printing)
  • PDF Game Charts (for Printing and Laminating)
  • Excel Skill Finder and Random Results Generator
  • Excel Multi-Team Skill Finder (unlimited teams and players – perfect for whole seasons)

File Size: roughly 3MB

Quick Start Guide

Inning Baseball comes with a quick start guide, showing and explaining each step of a full game, so you will be up and playing in no time.

Here is a little plug for our game on AFR (about 4 minutes in).

If you prefer, you can also purchase this game through www.SportsReplays.net.


2 reviews for Inning Baseball 2

  1. Ron (verified owner)

    Inning Baseball 2 is easy to set up and play. I perfect companion to my other tabletop longer playing games. This game allows me to use my old baseball cards to create players and have them play a game against each other.

  2. FYY066

    I’ve played 10 games with Inning Baseball 2 and I love it. It is pretty amazing how complete a set of stats you can get in around 10-12 minutes per game playing time.

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