Aussie Rules Dice Footy


Aussie Rules Dice Footy

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Aussie Rules Dice Footy is a relatively simple game that I created in 1994 as a footy crazed teenager.  The game play hasn’t changed too much since then.  Enjoy 🙂

Dice Footy is made up of two teams of 18 players plus 2 optional interchange players (substitutions) on the bench.

The Footy Oval is divided up into three main sections

  • The Forward 50 metres (the other team’s defensive 50)
  • The Midfield (including the centre square)
  • The Defensive 50 metres (other teams forward 50)

The ball (roll of the dice) moves between each section of the field.

Each Player has 2 main skills (plus one extra for the Ruck)

Click here for the 2018 Player Skills for this game.

Includes a quick start guide (like all my games)

If you are new to Aussie Rules then this is a good starting video (produced by the AFL).



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