Series Baseball

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Series Baseball takes ‘Inning Baseball‘ to a whole new level of fast play. Ridiculously Fast!

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Purpose of the game

The game has a purpose? Yes ? I designed this game with the aim to produce lightening results so I could play a whole season really fast, but still have individual player stats.

How does game play work?

  • Each game is represented by one batsmen and one pitcher from each team.
  • The game plays in just 6 rolls in total and produces a box score similar to what you get on MLB.com in the scores area.
  • Once you have played the game a few times, you will only take around one minute to play.


  • The game plays Fast!
  • Players are easily rated from 1 to 10 and with ‘star’ qualities
  • Compliments your favorite baseball simulator (use Series Baseball to play the games of other teams in the league)
  • Individual player statistics collected

The following Individual Player Stats are collected

Player Stats Collected for Batters

  • Hits
  • RBIs
  • HRs
  • SOs

Player StatsCollected for Pitchers

  • Wins/Losses
  • IP
  • SO
  • ER

1 review for Series Baseball

  1. Michael Sharpe

    The game is a perfect game for a season simulation and/or a quick series simulation that can accompany longer format games or indeed stand on its own. After Avalon Hill’s ‘Pennant Race’ in the 1980s there haven’t been many quick play games that also provide some basic individual stats but ‘Series Baseball’ has found the perfect blend in this niche category. The easy individual player rating formula is an added bonus.

    • BoxScoreDiceSports

      Thanks for the comments.

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